Editor’s Note: Former Sen. Clarence Payne testified about WAPA before the V.I. Legislature on Tuesday on behalf of the Virgin Islands Alliance for Consumer Justice. Following is the text of his speech.

I have three recommendations for the V.I. Water and Power Authority to address power supply woes and deficiencies in the USVI:

In the opening letter of the executive fiscal year 2020 budget, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. submitted to the 33rd Legislature for approval are the following inspirational declarations:

I am an income tax preparer on St. Thomas. I have been for 25 years. I have many clients for whom I prepare payroll/payroll taxes and, most importantly, their monthly gross receipts tax forms.

Not very long ago, I was in Charlotte Amalie visiting the post office next to Emancipation Garden. My curiosity was piqued when a friend caught up with me as I walked up the steps and asked, “Is this your main post office?”

Editor’s Note: The Daily News first published this poem by Linda Quetel on Oct. 11, 2011. Quetel resubmitted the poem in light of the recent chronic WAPA outages, writing, “People continue to say that WAPA will never change, but WAPA has changed; it continues to get worse every day.”

Probably, none of us has ever driven a horse and buggy as our main means of transportation. Around 1900, that was the way people got around. The introduction of the self-powered vehicle, i.e. horseless carriage (many of which were electric), was viewed back then in much the same way electric…

Yogi Berra, the legendary Yankee catcher, once said, “When you get to the fork in the road, take it.”

What has become of the natural equity of St. Croix? I have observed, over the last two years, the wanton destruction and removal of many of St. Croix’s mahogany trees that had bordered the main roads, specifically Queen Mary Highway (Centerline Road).

Editor’s Note: Veteran V.I. Fire Service firefighter Rhydel Robinson was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for medical treatment after he was shot at the Floatopia event at Fort Frederik Beach, St. Croix, on July 28.

Editor’s Note: Following is the text of a letter that Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. sent to President Donald Trump on Monday, urging U.S. aid for the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

The evolution of bacteria into life-threatening antibiotic-resistant tricksters has become a great concern in contemporary society. In fact, the enigma has caught the attention of the World Economic Forum, where the issue was considered a “potential disaster” for humankind.

The standing room-only turnout for the League of Women Voters’ program on political status on a recent Saturday morning provided strong evidence of the public’s interest in the matter of self determination for the USVI. An additional audience (about 1,800) viewed the program online and submi…

Here are the ages that the top presidential candidates will be on Inauguration Day, 2021: Bernie Sanders, 79; Joe Biden, 78; Donald Trump, 74; and Elizabeth Warren, 71.

The excellent letter by Michael Creque imploring us to “clean up the streets, enforce our laws and plant flowers to make St. Thomas shine again” (The Daily News, Aug. 5, 2019) deserves the commendation of all who call these islands home.

I may have missed it, but since when is it permitted to build a nine-story building in the Virgin Islands (“Finances set for territory’s tallest building,” The Daily News, Aug. 10, 2019)? And is that a good idea?

Editor’s Note: The board members and staff of the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park have released their position statement on Caneel Bay Resort, which has been closed since hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the islands in September 2017. Following is the full text.


Editor’s Note: This letter is written by Kent E. Bernier Sr. as a concerned citizen and not as a member of the Public Services Commission. He alone is responsible for the ideas stated.

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