Dear Editor,

I noticed a deterioration of positive, precautionary behaviors in the last five days. We were doing well for a few weeks.

I have the impression that some villas are accepting tourists. This is downright stupid. We have only to look at the BVI to see how effectively COVID-19 can be blocked.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. is using a light touch on the COVID issue.

No one likes to be told what to do like a child. He shouldn’t have to.

We all know what to do: Regard every person outside our household as infectious. Wear a mask in public if you’re anywhere near other people. Don’t congregate. Don’t touch your face until you’re back at home and have sanitized. Remember at all times that approximately half the people who are infected have no symptoms, yet they are spreading the virus into the environment.

Don’t get it, don’t give it….the precautionary steps are the same.

This is not a hardship. It is just what needs to be done to stay safe. We rise to the challenge.

— Former Sen. Craig Barshinger is a resident of St. John.