Dear Sen. Blyden,

Can you feel the anger directed at you right now from our community? Your recent actions, running around the Virgin Islands while knowingly testing positive for COVID, were unworthy of you not only as a senator, but as a human being.

What were you thinking?

Your weak excuses about not believing a positive reading on your two COVID tests were shocking and appalling. You were told to quarantine. There was no one so important that you had to meet with, knowing that you tested positive for COVID, a deadly disease which is killing people.

Your actions were selfish and dangerous.

For the last 18 months there has been so much information regarding the deadly effects of COVID, and the need to quarantine if you test positive that it is unbelievable that you would run around the Virgin Islands, knowingly and potentially spreading disease.

Right now, every person you touched or met with knowing that you were positive is in danger, plus their loved ones and colleagues.

Senator Blyden, you may be asymptomatic, and for that you were lucky. I suggest you pay a visit to the hospital to take a look at someone hooked up to a ventilator so you get the crystal-clear reality of what your actions may cause.

In addition, I suggest you look up a bit of history that you may find interesting. Do a bit of research on the name Typhoid Mary.

— Maria Ferreras is a longtime St. Thomas resident and community volunteer. She can be reached at