The Department of Human Services recently announced a 90-day extension in St Croix for renewal of the Senior Citizen Card due to lack of equipment necessary to complete this process. However, there is a nagging community question as to why the Senior Citizen Card has to be renewed in first place?

It seems a self-defeating policy of busy work, and a waste of government time and energy to force seniors to come in every five years to renew a card that once again shows their age and eligibility.

After all, once a senior, always a senior.

It’s especially tiresome, and in the recent year, dangerous to drag senior citizens in to have their photo taken and a new card issued. Eligibility starts at age 60.

Skipping forward, an 85-year old would be forced to renew five times by the time they reach that ripe old age. Many seniors need assistance to comply with these regulations or assisted transportation and caregivers to bring them in. And for what purpose? We do not age backwards.

Perhaps it’s time for Human Services to rethink their senior renewal policy. The time, energy, money and staffing may be better served elsewhere. Seniors don’t need to be caught up in a regulation that is a burdensome policy.

They have enough to deal with as it is.

— Maria Ferreras is a longtime St. Thomas resident and community volunteer. She can be reached at