Dear Editor,

A large percentage of people coming to St. John on the ferries and people on the beaches are not social distancing, not wearing masks and gloves, etc. They are putting our lives in jeopardy and ruining all the efforts most of us are making not going to work, and not enjoying the freedom we had before COVID-19.

The ferries should require masks for anyone riding the ferries and the police should be enforcing the distancing of people on the streets or on the beaches. People who come over to our island should be instructed, by Health officials who meet each ferry, in the correct way to act during this pandemic.

When this virus breaks out on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and yes, St. John, people will start to get sick in droves and all of our lives will be at risk. The hospitals and clinics will not be able to keep up. Our relative risk here in St. John is low right now, but will not stay that way. Deaths will skyrocket.

We need to demand that our government take this seriously. Please write and/or call the Governor, our Administrator and the ferry operators to put in place social distancing and protections against the spread.

People should be given a short time limit to comply, and then fined if found to be in noncompliance. Beaches must be policed and groups should be broken up and warned.

Please act now! In just a short time, it will be too late to fix this!

— Lonnie and Albert Willis are residents of St. John.