Habari gani? Kujichagulia! Today we honor that which we hold within us that gives us the strength to live our lives. Self-determination. Determining for ourselves who we are and how we express that in the world. It is not a principle to be taken lightly or selfishly. Like all of the seven principles, it connects us to the generations of ancestors that have come before us and the generations of descendants who will come after us.

Some have referred to it as a spark. It is the concept that deep within each of us is a spark of light. In that spark is contained our inner light, the truest, purest form of ourselves. Our journey in life is to figure out how to take that spark and grow it to an inferno that takes over our entire physical being. There are many people, circumstances and events in life that will try to not only get you to hide that light from others (and yourself), but to extinguish it altogether. There will be times when you will need to dim it or shield it to protect it. Ultimately, however, you must reach a point where you have to determine for yourself to let it rage and burn away the darkness.