Dear Editor,

On Oct. 21, The Virgin Islands Daily News published the story headlined, “New kiosks planned for reopened Vendors Plaza.”

In that story, the following statement is made by Licensing and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Richard Evangelista: “So not only are they breaking the law by not reporting income, but they are literally taking advantage of people who looks like you and me. I have no tolerance for that.”

My question is, who exactly are “they” and what exactly does “looks like you and me” mean? As a St. Croix native, perhaps he means “they” are not Virgin Islanders.

As a person of color, perhaps he means “they” are not people of color. Or perhaps he means just what he said. There is a group of people who deserve to be treated fairly, who deserve justice, and who should not be taken advantage of and then there is a group of people who should be treated differently, whoever “they” might be.

It could be said that I am simply splitting hairs here and that I’m focused on semantics. However, I believe that to be untrue. The problem evidenced by such careless language is that it shows just how Richard Evangelista really feels, or at least how he feels he needs to pander to his constituents. According to Evangelista there is an “us” and a “them” and we (us) have to protect ourselves first and foremost from them. Personally, I am tired of the “me first, you last” attitude so often displayed by Virgin Islands officials.

Until justice and equality are seen as a universal right, not a privilege reserved for those who are closest to those in power The Virgin Islands will never be more than it is, a haven for corruption, nepotism and greed.

— Jeremiah Fabulosa, St. Croix