With the holidays on their way, Virgin Islanders will be stepping up to the plate to help others. Having been through many hard times over the years, this year has certifiably been a doozy.

We have stood strong through months of pandemic life, not liking it one bit, but still not giving in. While we are weary of this new life, we are confident on getting back our old one, in the future. To that end, we are determined to do what we do best.

When times are tough, we focus on others.

While community Thanksgivings have to give way to serving meals in a different way, we can make sure no one goes hungry. We can donate to our local non-profits and organizations with funds and foods to help others have enough. We can remember our animal friends at the Humane Society with a humble donation so that the animals know we love them as much as they love us.

With the gift giving season of December almost here, we can contact our various religious leaders to see where we should spend our money that helps children and the elderly. They will most certainly have a long list of who needs our help.

Nothing can prevent us from our community goal, which has always been taking care of all of us. We may be socially distant due to the pandemic, but we are firmly connected by the heart In the Virgin Islands.

— Maria Ferreras is a longtime St. Thomas resident and community volunteer. She can be reached at maria@dailynews.vi.