A wild donkey roams in the garden of a home on St. John.

Something happened on St. John that I tried to put out of my mind, very quickly. But the barbarity of what happened haunts me.

Whoever killed those donkeys, whoever suffocated a small dog with a plastic bag, makes my skin crawl. Your cruelty gives me great pause.

Whoever you are, you are a miserable coward. A coward who preys on living things that somehow you feel superior to.

However, your actions tell us a lot about you. How low you actually feel about yourself, and how sad you are about your life.

Your lack of empathy for living creatures also tells us you have no friends or loved ones in your life. Because anyone who cares for others would never harm other living creatures.

Wanton, indiscriminate, useless killing tells us you need our help. You need to talk to someone about your low self-esteem and try to build yourself a life that does not include killing animals. It can be done.

There are people on St. John, aka Love City, that can help you.

Seek out the love and peace and kindness of St. John. Tell someone of your sad, violent feelings. Ask for help. It’s there for you, and you can turn your sadness and rage into something positive.

Destroying defenseless animals will not make you feel better, only more empty.

Try a better way.

— Maria Ferreras is a longtime St. Thomas resident and community volunteer.