Dear Editor,

How about using those proposed mega-ship dock dollars to fully re-imagine the entire Rothschild “Market Square” Francis bungalow into a fully functional culture square?

During the week, bring the blue tarp gang from the Emancipation Garden parking lot into the Rothschild Francis bungalow. Or, make the stalls inside the bungalow strictly for locally made products. Put any other vendors around the edge of the square. Make the tourism offices where the V.I. National Bank used to be. Have quadrille dancers and mocko jumbies dancing all around the square, to local music, not noise music but sweet tunes. Have a Br’er Anansi storytelling corner, a craft/woodcarving corner, have steel pan music and competitions. Make a mini carnival parade through and around the square.

Give big tax breaks to those shops and stores in the square that enhance their storefronts with particular paint schemes, and so much more! Imagine, west of the square would finally, after decades of being run down, draw visitors to venture down the street to visit other painted up, cleaned up shops going towards and past Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral.

All this takes is vision and effort. It much more fully enhances everyone’s downtown experience.

If there was a nice clean unique downtown from Emancipation to the exciting Market Square offering an in-depth cultural immersion in our colorful island history,

St. Thomas would be a far more interesting place for both visitors and vendors in the bungalow and the stores surrounding the square. We could invite and incite visitors/shoppers by having mockos and pan bands drawing them as they dance down Main Street.

It just takes vision, imagination, determination and effort.

Thoughts about this?

— Patrick Deery, St. Thomas