In 2016 and 2017, The Daily News published Letters to the Editor about the dangerous conditions on Magens Bay Road. The following authorities were addressed in the letters: Magens Bay Authority, Gov. Kenneth Mapp, Lt. Gov. Osbert Potter, commissioner of Public Works, assistant to the commissioner of Public Works, commissioner of the Taxi Association, Police commissioner and the St. Thomas-Water Island administrator.

To date, none of the aforementioned has initiated any measures to save human lives on the Magens Bay Road.

The speeding continues as it has for “donkey years.” The speed limit has been raised from 10 mph to 20 mph, but most drivers still break the law. There is a definite probability of vehicular homicide on the Magens Bay Road.

So this is an open letter to new Commissioner of Public Works, Nelson Petty Jr.

A good way to alert drivers of people on the road is “Awareness Lanes” painted on each side of the road in neon orange. The existing white lines can be painted over, and another neon orange line can be painted a little wider for people to walk and jog. Directional arrows within the lanes can inform people they should be facing traffic.

The same should be done on the Peterborg Road, where there are walkers and joggers.

The Peterborg Road also needs the bush cut back regularly to enable cars and people to see each other on the blind curves.

The “Awareness Lanes” are the very least government can do on the Magens and Peterborg roads. No government authority seems to care about the drivers who are exceeding the speed limit. Adding speed bumps or rolling speed bumps (like in Red Hook) likely would cause an uproar from the powerful Taxi Association, but in reality, speed bumps are the only way to slow drivers down.

The summer months are here, and more adults and children will be walking to Magens Bay Beach. Taxis will be racing back and forth, as usual and cars will be racing just because they can.

Please, Commissioner Petty, be proactive in making the Magens Bay Road safe for everyone.

— Lori Emery, St. Thomas.