There is a proposed development to build a resort and beach club on Lovango Cay. The island is 1,800 yards long and 300 yards wide, comprising about 117,979 acres. The highest point is on the west end of the island, rising about 255 feet, and the east end rises to 247 feet above sea level. Lovango consists of three cays: Congo, Mingo and Lovango, with Lovango being the largest of the group, which is part of the Cruz Bay Quarter of St. John. Lovango lies one mile northwest of Hognest Point, St. John, and is separated from Mingo Cay by a west shoal passage about 300 yards wide.

Lovango is covered with a dry forest environment, but the vegetation has been highly modified by agriculture for years, from when the first European colonists inhabited the island. Lovango has steep cliffs and various metamorphic rocks that mark most of the north side of the island. The west end of the island is marked by large garnet rocks. There is a sandy beach on the south shore and a smaller beach on the north shore. The beach to the north is shallow, with a reef, and is a popular area for snorkelling.