The big mask debate has been creating havoc in the news lately. To wear or not to wear? Are my civil rights being infringed on or not? Debate after debate, with each side getting louder, with a few protests thrown in for good measure.

Wearing a mask is good science. We all know it’s stuffy, annoying and hot. Especially for all of us entering the summer months in the Virgin Islands. However, the reality is, it is for the protection of all of us. And while most of the Virgin Islands is following the science, we do see some resisting this basic health guide. Soon we may also see tourists who feel they must follow a different path on mask wearing. Diversity is one of America’s strengths, and because of it, we all think differently about issues. We are raised in different ways of life, religions, cultures and beliefs. It usually makes us stronger as a country, but in the case of the mask debate, it’s weakening us.