Dear Editor,

On my recent trip to Denmark, I visited Copenhagen and took a boat ride on the inner city canals and around the harbor. It was a beautiful day passing a lot of the famous places as well as the Old West Indian Warehouse where the statue of Queen Mary used to sit.

Unfortunately, the statue came to its demise due to bad weather in the harbor.

I was very excited to read about the new project regarding Queen Mary in your paper today (Aug. 26 edition). The two artists now have obtained the permanent place at the Warehouse and their goal is going to replace the first statue with a full-sized bronze instead. At the same time, a copy of the bronze statue of the Conch Blower has also found its prominent place in the Copenhagen harbor.

So, here is my question: Why is it we cannot finish our project in Emancipation Garden here in St. Thomas? The king has been removed from its pillar and a lousy piece of cloth seems to be a permanent display for all tourists to see. We had $20,000 appropriated for the move. What happened to the rest of the job? We will soon have passed five months when the job first started. Please, the Conch Blower deserves better.

— Annelise Pedersen, St. Thomas

Editor’s note: The bust of King Christian IX, which had been in Emancipation Garden since 1909, was removed in March 2021 during a ceremony attended by Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory. Legislation for the removal was proposed by Sen. Marvin Blyden along with former Sen. Myron Jackson. During the December 2020 legislative session, $20,000 was appropriated to replace the bust with that of the conch shell blower.