Dear Editor,

A really large, smelly Pitchfork to the Department of (in) Human Services.

I can barely contain my rage when I see that there is a woman sitting in the parking area outside of the V.I. Lottery Commission building on St. Thomas, near a grocery store. She has been there for about six months, maybe around the initial spike in COVID.

She arrived with two orange suitcases and laid down on the ground. Now she has a chair, and is collecting more items.

Where is the Department of Human Services? Where is the person who dropped her off here?

What kind of society is this that allows another human being to sit in a park for 180 days with no shelter, but a tree and a vinyl umbrella?

Probably no one will call V.I. Police or Human Services because of the appalling, violent, brutal treatment we have witnessed in the past.

— Sue Lisky resides on St. Thomas.