Even though I am all about experiencing life and not just letting it pass me by, I also have a deep appreciation for just sitting and observing the details of life we normally don’t have time to notice. Which is another reason why life in the islands was such a smooth fit for me. So much of how I was raised in the South matches the way of life here. Southerners and islanders have a strong affinity for porch sitting.

Sometime life forces you to slow down and enjoy the fine points of nature’s activities. While staying at my brother-in-law’s place after the storms, like most people we didn’t have cell service, Wi-Fi or cable. Power wasn’t a steady thing, either. So we spent a lot of time sitting out on the porch, watching the traffic go by, watching the planes take off and land and watching the wildlife. There was the neighbor’s dog, a stray cat, a lot of iguanas and all sorts of bugs and things.