Virgin Islands Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett on Tuesday endorsed former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for president, praising his commitment to the territory, the nation’s infrastructure needs and the economic empowerment of Americans.

“The Virgin Islands were crippled after two massive hurricanes, but Mike immediately stepped up to help and lent his physical, financial and moral support,” said Plaskett in a statement from the Bloomberg campaign. “He had the individuals who worked on Superstorm Sandy come down and work closely with the local government of the Virgin Islands as we navigated through the federal government.”

Plaskett, who recently told The Daily News that she had been in conversation with several campaigns, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, said she was looking for a candidate who was “going to make real promises and fulfill those promises to the Virgin Islands.”

She also sought a candidate who she believed was “strong,” and who could take on President Donald Trump in the General Election.

“Well before Mike decided to run for president, he committed to making sure Democrats across the country win and support the Democratic values that we fight for,” she said. “His support helped us win the House in 2018 and he remains committed to taking our country back to its best values.”

She continued, “As a Caribbean and a New Yorker, I like a fighter and Mike not only has the policies to bring equality and wealth creation to communities of color and economic development to keep us competitive in the world, he’s not afraid to fight. He’ll bring the fight to Donald Trump but he will fight against the terrible policies of the Republican Party. I’m ready to fight with him and get it done.”

Bloomberg, in the statement, praised Plaskett’s leadership as “essential” to getting the Virgin Islands back on its feet, and that his foundation worked closely with her to rebuild the hardest-hit areas of the territory.

“[Plaskett] recognizes that building more sustainable infrastructure is critical to the islands’ future, and she has championed those investments in Congress,” Bloomberg said. “I’m honored to have her support, and as climate change leads to extreme weather events, I will lead where Donald Trump has retreated, taking on the challenge of building resilience in vulnerable areas, and supporting communities that this administration has ignored.”

Bloomberg, who chose to skip the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, has already spent millions in delegate-rich states like California, Texas and Florida.

He also plans to open a campaign field office in the Virgin Islands.

In a recent Morning Consult national poll, Bloomberg placed third behind Sen. Bernie Sanders and Biden, and placed second among African-Americans in the latest Quinnipiac survey, trailing Biden.

This week, a string of video and audio clips resurfaced on social media, showing Bloomberg defending the controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy, which he imposed in New York City.

The policing practice involved stopping and searching people — typically people of color — whenever there was a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

Bloomberg has since publicly apologized for the practice.

The Daily News reached out to Plaskett’s office for comment, but did not receive a response by press time Tuesday.

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