Dear Bruce: How can my mom revoke a limited power of attorney? She has no money to get a lawyer.

— E.R.

Dear E.R.: The fact that your mother is without funds makes things a little more difficult. What she can do is go to a library and do some research on revoking powers of attorney, which she can do quite simply. She will have to do some reading, but that shouldn’t be any hardship.

Dear Bruce: Many commencement speakers are urging graduates to “make noise,” “resist the government,” “fight back,” “change the crooked system,” etc. Students set out to do these things and make little to no money. After a few years “making noise,” these people are unemployable and live on disability and general assistance, become homeless, fall into crime, etc. This is a huge social and economic problem.

Graduates should make wealth and pursue successful professional careers in order to make social and economic change through their work. How do you get the importance of work across to graduates who are urged to make noise for a career?

— Reader

Dear Reader: The kids are young, they’re idealistic, and they want to be a part of the decision making. I would try to get them to acknowledge the fact that the way to make a difference is to become successful and along with success comes influence.

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