Do we have a problem with success?

Do we punish hard work, dedication and delivering results?

Do we respect our own?

Answer: It doesn’t seem so.

I guess politics rules the day in our Virgin Islands, and that is unfortunate. The vote not to extend Hugo Hodge’s contract is not just a disappointment, it is also a travesty.

As someone who has seen Hugo’s hard work, the experience he has brought to bear, his expertise, his advocacy and his leadership and dedication as well as his empathy with all who suffered under our high cost of electricity, political manipulation is the only reason I can see for what happened.

Not only has the work he has done to modernize an out-of-date facility been good for us in the USVI, it is a model that is lauded by the region, our nation and probably beyond.

If we don’t recognize his value, well lots of others do, and so I have no doubt that he will be fine. If we are, it will be for the work he has done not only on the machinery and fuel but also in terms of modernizing the business model, implementing automatic metering and beginning our Integrated Resource plan.

This is not even an all-inclusive list.

So thank you Hugo Hodge, many of us appreciate and honor you for the work you have done and the way you have led your great team.

I will now have to think twice before I try to convince another Virgin Islander to return home.

Donna Christensen was V.I. delegate to Congress from 1997 to 2015 and was the 2014 Democratic Party candidate for V.I. governor