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Key points in the history of The Daily News

The Virgin Islands Daily News has been in continuous operation since Aug. 1, 1930. The newspaper has earned dozens of national honors, including the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, the highest award in American journalism.

The Daily News was founded Aug. 1, 1930, by J. Antonio Jarvis and Ariel Melchior Sr. Melchior became sole owner of the business in 1940 and then sold it to Gannett Co. in 1978.

In 1989, after nearly 60 years of operations in downtown Charlotte Amalie, The Daily News moved to a new purpose-built office and printing plant facility about a mile to the east in Sugar Estate.

In 1995, The Daily News was honored with the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its series of articles titled "V.I. Crime: Who's to Blame?" that focused on dysfunction and corruption within territorial law enforcement.

In 1997, Gannett sold the paper to Virgin Islands-based holding company Innovative Communication Corp., a regional conglomerate. In 1998, The Daily News bought the assets of Island Trader, a local classifieds and retail advertising free-distribution weekly, and Trader became a regular publication of Daily News Publishing Co.

The acquisition and development of Island Trader opened the door to significant development annual supplemental and ancillary publications during the coming years, including the annual Best of the Virgin Islands (launched in 2001), Holiday Gift Guide (2004) and How-To Guide (2005); the weekly Good Health Care Guide (launched as a monthly in 2005); and the weekly Crucian Trader and Love City Trader shoppers (launched in 2007 and 2008).

When ICC was broken up through bankruptcy proceedings in 2008, the newspaper was acquired by Times-Shamrock, a family-owned and operated media company based in Scranton, Pa.

On Oct. 1, 2015, Times-Shamrock sold the newspaper to St. Thomas-based businessman Archie Nahigian.

1930 - Ariel Melchior Sr. and J. Antonio Jarvis publish the first edition of The Daily News of the Virgin Islands from their office in The Art Shop on Main Street, St. Thomas.

1940 - Melchior buys out Jarvis' share in the newspaper business and becomes sole owner, publisher and editor.

1960 - The Daily News opens its St. Croix bureau.

1961 - The St. Thomas office moves from Main Street to Back Street.

1978 - Melchior sells The Daily News to Gannett Co., a national media conglomerate.

1988 - The Daily NewsU offices and pressroom move from Back Street into a new plant in Estate Thomas.

1995 - The Daily News wins the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its 10-part series "V.I. Crime: Who's to Blame"

1997 - Gannett sells the newspaper to St. Croix-based Innovative Communication Corp.

1998 - The Daily News buys the Island Trader free-distribution newspaper on St. Thomas and expands it territorywide.

2001 - Launch of The Daily News' Best of the Virgin Islands magazine and annual readers poll.

2002 - The Daily News debuts its online edition at

2004 - The Daily News earns the Sliver Gavel award from the American Bar Association for the special report "Deadly Force."

2005 - The weekly Good Health Care Guide publication launches.

2006 - Island TraderUs growth leads to the spinoff of the independent Crucian Trader publication on St. Croix.

2007 - Love City Trader launches.

2008 - Times-Shamrock Communications of Scranton, Pa., buys The Daily News as part of the breakup of ICC.

2009 - The Daily News' electronic edition, a digital duplicate of its print edition, debuts.

2013 - The Daily News wins the inaugural Tom Curley First Amendment Sweepstakes Award from the national Associated Press Media Editors organization for reports on the V.I. Legislature's spending and lack of transparency.

2014 - Virgin Islands-based businessman Archie Nahigian buys The Daily News from Times-Shamrock Communications, returning the company to local ownership.

The Daily News' national honors for journalism excellence

The Virgin Islands Daily News is among the most-honored American newspapers for its journalism excellence. The national journalism awards earned by the newspaper and its staff over the years include:

Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Public Service

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime: Who's To Blame?", a 10-part investigative report that probed the underlying causes of rampant failures and corruption in the Virgin Islands criminal justice system and led to major reforms in the territory. The Pulitzer Prize gold medal bears the words "For the most distinguished and meritorious public service rendered by any American newspaper during the year P 1995."

American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award

- 2004: For "Deadly Force," a detailed investigation of the V.I. Police Department's abusive use of deadly force. The project's impact led to a U.S. Justice Department investigation and a consent decree still in effect.

- 1982: For "Problems in Paradise," an investigative series on Virgin Islands government corruption.

Associated Press Media Editors Tom Curley First Amendment Sweepstakes Award

- 2013: For an intense, victorious court battle and related investigative reports that forced the Virgin Islands Legislature to stop hiding records that illustrated years of mismanagement of public funds and "living large" by senators.

Associated Press Media Editors Freedom of Information Award

- 2013: For championing the call for the V.I. Legislature to be transparent and accountable for its spending of public funds.

- Finalist, 2003: For an ongoing public records and public meetings access battle with the V.I. Legislature.

Associated Press Media Editors Public Service Award

- 2014: For "EMS in Chaos"

- 2013: For "Our Money, Their Failures."

- 2012: For exposing a fraudulent credit union and the lax oversight by V.I. government that led to creditors losing their savings to a man with a criminal record and numerous fake names.

- 2009: For "Salaries First, Patients Later," an investigative series into corruption at Schneider Regional Medical Center and the Kimelman Cancer Institute.

- 2008: For an analysis of the V.I. Waste Management Authority's plan to levy a fee that would have had ruinous effects on individuals and businesses.

- 2007: For extensive, probing coverage of corruption in the V.I. Police Major Crimes Unit's handling of the investigation into the murder of two tourists.

- 2003: For reports on a territorial government fiscal crisis and financial mismanagement.

- 1997: For "Cheating Our Children," investigative reports on problems in the educational system in the Virgin Islands.

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime: Who's To Blame?"

- Finalist, 2005: For "Contracts and Cronies."

- Finalist, 2004: For "Deadly Force."

- Finalist, 2000: For "Who Fumbled the Season?", a report on political interference and education administrators' incompetence connected to the launch of varsity tackle football in the territory.

- Finalist, 1996: For investigative reporting.

- Finalist, 1985: For investigative reporting.

Investigative Reporters and Editors Award

- 2009: For "Salaries First, Patients Later."

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime: WhoUs To Blame?"

- 1981: For "Problems in Paradise."

- Finalist, 2013: For "Our Money, Their Failures."

- Finalist, 2008: For "Diploma Mill," a series of stories that revealed the Virgin Islands government was working with and enabling a diploma mill to target V.I. teachers.

- Finalist, 2004: For "Deadly Force."

Scripps Foundation Roy Howard Award

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime: WhoUs To Blame?"

- Finalist, 2005: For "Crime School," a series of reports that detailed fatal safety and security violations and other deficiencies at the Virgin Islands Youth Rehabilitation Center.

- Finalist, 2004: For "Deadly Force."

Scripps Foundation Ursula and Gilbert Farfel Prize

- Finalist, 2005: For "Contracts and Cronies," a months-long investigation into a bogus company into which government officials funneled millions of dollars and helped lead to the conviction of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources commissioner and the Property and Procurement commissioner.

Scripps Foundation Community Journalism Award

- Finalist, 2014: For "EMS in Chaos," a three-part series that revealed poor management in the Emergency Medical Service division on St. Thomas.

- Finalist, 2013: For "Our Money, Their Failures," a a fast-tracked, unvetted government plan to create a $34 million public-private partnership

Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award

- 1997: For "Cheating Our Children."

Selden Ring Award

- Finalist, 1995: For "V.I. Crime, Who's To Blame?"

Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award

- 2016: For stories about a lack of transparency in the V.I. government.

- 2004: For "Deadly Force."

- 2001: For "Vieques: In Whose Defense?" about the U.S. Navy response to the occupation and surrounding protests and acts of civil disobedience at the naval bombing range on Vieques, Puerto Rico.

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime, Who's To Blame?"

Associated Press Sports Editors Award for Enterprise Reporting

- 2000: For "Who Fumbled the Season."

American Society of Newspaper Editors Jesse Laventhol Prize

- Finalist, 2001: For "Vieques: In Whose Defense?"

National Headliners Award

- 2001: For "Vieques: In Whose Defense?"

- 1997: For "Cheating Our Children."

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime, Who's To Blame?"

Al Nakkula Award for Crime Reporting

- 1995: For "V.I. Crime, Who's To Blame?"

American Planning Association Public Service Journalism Award

- 1995: For reports on public housing in the Virgin Islands.

Benjamin Fine Education Reporting Award

- 1998: "Cheating Our Children."

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