Shen Dragon Karate Dojo black belts

Shen Dragon Karate Dojo awards black belts

On Oct. 10, seven students of the Shen Dragon Karate Dojo on St. Thomas underwent their examinations for their black belts. The exams, which took 8½ hours, included demonstrations of Kata techniques and self-defense skills, as well as a dissertation from each student. Following the examinations, and in keeping with the tradition and legacy of the Shen Dragon Karate Dojo, the new black belts and their instructors took part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Taking part in the examinations were, from left, Master Bryan Otto and Grand Master Jerry Otto, co-owners of the Shen Dragon Karate Dojo; new Shodan first-degree black belts Lee Harthman, Monica Bryan, Celine Otto, Ehren Henderson, John Attias and Wilston Wheatley; junior black belt Rashell Muchuca, and visiting Grand Master Edward Hartzell from Pennsylvania, who presided at the black belt testing.