On Aug. 1, 1930, two civic-minded friends, Ariel Melchior Sr. and J. Antonio Jarvis, printed and hand-delivered 200 copies of Edition No. 1 of their equivalent of the iconic V.I. horn-blower — a messenger of important information, a stimulator of V.I. commerce and a leader in informed discourse.

      That fancy “The” in our name on the front page every day first appeared on the first edition of this newspaper 90 years ago today.

        The Virgin Islands Daily News is among the most-honored American newspapers for its journalism excellence. The national journalism awards earned by the newspaper and its staff over the years include:

        On Aug. 1, 1930, friends J. Antonio Jarvis and Ariel Melchior Sr. printed and hand-delivered the first 200 copies of The Virgin Islands Daily News. Now, 90 years and more than 23,000 editions later, The Daily News continues to seek to be the conscience of the community.