Jiyana Amarnani, 7, recently published her first book, “The Turtle Rescue,” available to read on www.junior-authors.com.

One young Virgin Islander is starting her career as an author early. Second grade student Jiyana Amarnani, 7, has written and published her first book, “The Turtle Rescue.”

Amarnani, who lives on St. Thomas, loves going to school. Her interests include singing, dancing, gymnastics and painting, and she loves to read. Although she enjoys her friends’ company, she also enjoys being around the elderly.

Amarnani’s passion for writing stories is allowing her to reach out and share her thoughts and ideas to make lives healthier and happier. She loves to be on the beach, the setting for her eBook. The characters of the story are based on her two best friends from school.

Amarnani’s motto is to learn and spread the knowledge of moral and environmental values by doing the right things. With this story, she hopes to teach others “how we can keep our Earth and every creature on it safe and healthy.”

The eBook is published on the www.junior-authors.com self-publishing platform for children ages 15 and below. The junior-authors.com initiative encourages children to present their knowledge, learning and creative thoughts in the form of story writing, public speaking and peer training. Books are free to read on the platform.