Halo to Neil Weare and others for their continuous efforts to persuade the courts that Virgin Islanders are Americans, too, and the rights to vote in the presidential elections should not be denied by the U.S. Congress. That the U.S. Congress has overstepped its governing authority when it so did, for example, to the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa, this opportunity to exercise their fundamental and inalienable American right to vote for presidents.

On the other hand, however, the fight is like trying to reach the top of a goal by climbing up a glass wall. Because after much legal research as to how a number of federal courts have ruled on the important issue, it’s my view that it is more likely than not the U.S. Supreme Court will say that the issue is one where Congress must make a decision, and that the U.S. Virgin Islands ought to petition Congress as it did when it asked Congress to grant the territory the right to elect its governor and lieutenant governor, delegate to Congress, 15 senators and the authority to determine the number of senators to represent the territory.

The effort is worth the struggle.

— Capt. Al M. Donastorg Sr. lives on St. Thomas.