Dear Editor,

Monday night’s theatrical performance from Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. deserves an Oscar.

Much of it was past dramatic history and handing out kudos to all, but excluding the feds, for weathering the pandemic.

However, I heard nothing about:

1. How much COVID contact tracing (his daughter’s great interest) is being done and how successful it is?

2. How much is being done by the feds, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom to stop drug cartels from using the V.I. as a major distribution center?

3. Why is the governor not proposing a restructured plan to make the Government Employees’ Retirement System sustainable and within the means of the USVI before looking for a pie in the sky or a deus ex machina?

Why is the GERS plan not following the fed plan? Does the USVI think it can afford better? If the GERS were to adopt the fed system, wouldn’t the feds be more inclined to bail us out?

4. How is the governor dealing with mismanaged federal funds and will any money have to be returned to the feds before the territory can receive any more money? Is this the cause for the slowdown of all federally funded projects?

Also, is the slowdown on some federally funded projects caused by the V.I. government’s inability to meet the necessary local contribution?

5. What is the governor proposing to do about our chronic $100 million deficit? Is the governor looking for more effective ways to collect taxes? Why doesn’t the governor contract a research firm which would determine whether the USVI is paying a fair amount of taxes in relation to its total assets?

6. Is the governor looking for a permanent solution to the solid waste disposal problem? Why shouldn’t it be a priority? Why aren’t the feds giving us some help and offering a solution?

Inquiring minds want to know.

— Aimery Caron, St. Thomas